Making new corona-proof friendships 

We are currently only offering walking and cycle tours




Do you just want to get to know some new people? Then this formula is for you!


Sick of the meat market on Tinder and all those other dating platforms? This formula offers you the chance to get to know other singles. And who knows …?!


Have you come to Belgium to work, or to study, or because your partner has a job here? Do you like getting to know new people? Then this is for you!

How does it work?


Register for one (or more) of our  activities.


A few days prior to the activity, we will link you up randomly to your buddy (or buddies) who will do the activity with you, and we’ll send you details about the starting point. Exciting!


Together with your buddy (or buddies), you carry out the activity at the agreed starting point and time. What’s the benefit? You don’t need to talk the whole time, so there’ll be no awkward silences!

How much does it cost?

Admit it, that’s not much!
(We’re not in it for the money😊. We just want to get people together, as safely as possible) 

Don’t wait, just do it!

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